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James Clover

James Clover

Graduation was drawing near for college student James Clover, a communications major at Westfield State University. A discouraging employment market loomed, so James reached out to job coach and HR consultant Karen Slein for help with formulating a proven job search strategy.

HR Services Delivered:

  • James worked with Karen 1:1 to formulate a plan that would lead to premium interview opportunities in his area of interest. This included resume review and weekly phone coaching sessions.
  • Karen coached James on best practices for interview preparation and guided him on not to miss talking points for the particulars of each job. She also advised James on all follow up for both written and oral communication.
  • James received on-going support through salary and benefits negotiations; Karen encouraged him to be his authentic self in order to land the position that best matched his personality, salary requirements and career goals.
  • James was offered and accepted a professional position with a premium Massachusetts employer and started working within days of graduation.

On Karen Slein:

“Slein & Company’s program was totally worth the time investment; Karen supported me in my post college job search from start to finish and well beyond what my college placement office could provide.”

“Karen Slein’s coaching prepared me to handle my first salary and benefits negotiation. Through her program, I learned how to be confident in expressing my needs in the most respectful way. There is no doubt I landed a higher starting salary because of her advice.”  – James Clover, Customer Support Representative
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James Clover

90 Day Job Coaching Program