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HR Outsourcing Servces

Simple, Flexible & Affordable HR Solutions

Slein & Company strives to be the best human resources consulting firm for small businesses in New England.

We’re driven by our passion to partner in the success of each client’s business. Best of all, we offer human resources expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full-time HR professional.

We’re welcomed into workplaces because we take a personal, hands-on approach to working with you and your staff to address your top people priorities.

Read about how Karen helped Peterson Oil with succession planning by chartering the transition of the company management team from family to non family members!



You can also learn more about Karen Slein’s credentials and more than 20 years in HR by viewing her Linked In profile..

Clients come to us most often for help with:

1. Our turnover is too high and we need a better orientation program and possibly a compensation review. Can you help?

2. We’re struggling with finding the right talent to grow our business and need help setting up an employee referral program and want to learn more about using social networking for recruiting.

3. HR is taking up too much of my time and we need help with staying on top of employee communications, company policy & procedures, employee handbook and management training.

4. Our sales team is under performing relative to the competition and we think we need a better bonus program and commission plan, can you advise?

5. Our workforce is graying and we need some onsite training to address generational differences between our tenured associates and new hires.

6.Morale has hit a low and we want to take a fresh look at our recognition programs, employee relations and open door policy.


We’ll Develop a Winning Workplace to Grow your Business.

If you’re a growing family-owned New England business with HR challenges, you're invited to contact Karen Slein at 617.834.6238 today and have a conversation about your top HR priority.