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Coaching Programs

What is a Career Coach?

 A Career Coach is someone you have a formal arrangement with who holds you accountable for your professional goals.

Individuals benefit from coaching services for different reasons:

  1. Land your ideal position.
  2. Enter a new industry.
  3. Accelerate advancement with a current employer.

With a background in corporate HR, Karen Slein offers a track record for helping her clients more quickly secure employment. Read how Karen helped college graduate James Clover land a professional position within days of graduation with a premium Massachusetts employer.

Karen Slein specializes in helping professionals reach their employment and career life goals. Her 90-day, fast-track programs deliver results and are tailored to your specific needs.

College Graduates

Jump Start Your Career

Are you entering the workforce for the first time and need some encouragement and motivation?

It’s a competitive job market! Karen can help translate your academic achievements and knowledge to the skills and experience employers are seeking right now. You’ll learn the do’s and don’ts for resumes, best practices in written and oral communication, and gain practical experience interviewing and negotiating your first salary package.

Job Seekers

Finding Work that Inspires and Pays

Not landing a job after several months of looking is a good indicator that you need a coach.

Karen brings experience and encouragement to the job seeking process. She’ll zero in on your elevator pitch and teach you best practices for using your network to get more referrals and introductions. She covers all the bases, including resume tune-ups and verbal branding techniques for networking settings.


Career Changers

Land your Dream Job or Start a Business

Are you in a job that you enjoy and one that delivers the success and recognition you deserve?

It’s never too late to make a career change. Karen works with professionals regularly to achieve rewarding careers of significance. This program will help you charter a new career path to suit your lifestyle, while celebrating your authentic talents and renewing your purpose in life.

Executive Performance

Get Ahead Right Where You Are

Organizations turn to Karen because they know coaching and management development favorably impacts the bottom line.

At the upper levels, performance coaching helps professionals achieve peak performance. If you want to significantly increase the effectiveness of an individual in your ranks, or need a program for a team of professionals working closely together on common goals, Karen’s 90-day executive coaching program fits the bill perfectly.

Get Started Today!

Contact Karen Slein today to learn about which 90-day coaching program is the right fit for your career or business. Karen Slein